Medical dictatorship as a method of repression and control. Dario Musso’s case in Italy.

On May 2, 2020, Dario Musso, forty years old Sicilian from Ravanusa – Sicily, came out of the houses where everyone was forced by quarantine, going through the streets of his town to say with the megaphone what all the Italians and all the individuals of the world should have done: to point out to the community in which he lives, to wake up, to observe, to reflect and react to the truth, that there is NO pandemic, to take off the masks, to start again to open shops, to enter the clubs, to join in the true awareness, to join someone who makes others awaken.

Mr. Musso is later stopped and blocked on the street by carabinieri patrols, municipal police and doctors. Before getting out of the car he has the lucidity to create a video and send it to the social networks in which he declares with a quick analysis, lucid and even balanced for the difficult moments he was experiencing, that his actions were bothering certain people, that the issues addressed by him had created alarm, Mr. Musso invites to observe the police, talking about those who stopped him says that they are people who have practically understood nothing in the world, “practically are those brothers of mine who are using the system to go against me, they are people who do not understand certain things”. Dario Musso is lucid and even manages to have a reasoned brotherhood movement towards people who are forcing him to a compulsory health treatment for pretentious reasons. Mr. Musso is NOT crazy or unbalanced as they tried to make him appear.

Shortly afterwards, in fact, it is seen that Mr. Musso, not putting up any resistance, is immobilized by the police thrown to the ground and sedated by medical personnel who in a slippery way had already approached from behind Mr. Musso. It is not clear whether the sedation took place before Dario Musso was thrown to the ground, in any case the way in which the medical staff and law enforcement agencies was acting was extremely violent and slippery. From the videos of people in the vicinity you can clearly see all this, you can clearly see the violence exerted on Mr. Musso despite the fact that he could show that he was completely reasonable and able to talk without there being any reason for the obligatory medical treatment imposed on him.

Whether or not one agrees with the messages that Dario Musso has stated, the fact remains that he has done exactly what the Italian Constitution allows him to do under Article 21:

“Everyone has the right to express his thoughts freely by word, writing and any other means of dissemination.”

The way in which the police intervened on behalf of the mayor is to be highlighted as completely disrespectful of fundamental human rights and the Italian constitutional charter.

Camicia di forza

The checks on compulsory health treatments must be accompanied by initiatives aimed at ensuring the consent and participation of those who are obliged to do so. There was absolutely no such search for consent for Mr. Musso because the TSO [compulsory health treatment] was directly ordered by the mayor who did not ascertain what was happening, so much so that he was not physically present in that place. However, they decided to bypass this phase by submitting him to the TSO anyway and taking him to the hospital. To maintain this measure also requires validation by the judge, which must take place within 48 hours. At the moment when Mr. Musso was stopped and taken to the hospital the judge had not yet validated the measure.

In addition, the family members tried in every way to establish contact with him, contact which was in fact denied until the fourth day of immobilisation in hospital. On the fourth day Mr. Musso was finally allowed to answer the phone call, showing an evident state of slowdown in his ability to speak and react, evidently treated with substances that severely attacked him in his ability to react. Mr. Musso was tied and immobilized hands and feet for 5 days, he remained conscious during all this time.

During this quarantine two other people in Italy, including a parish priest, were forced to undergo compulsory health treatment in similar ways for having expressed their opinion in a critical but legitimate manner. These are just the cases that have been documented thanks to video and audio recordings, we do not know how many other people have suffered similar violence and we do not know anything about because of lack of recordings and evidences.

All this relates to the compulsory health treatment that even a German lawyer in Germany has received for critical opinions about quarantine. Lawyer Beate Bahner had denounced the unconstitutionality of the quarantine measures in Germany and was taken away by the authorities to a psychiatric institution on 13 April 2020.

This is neither a horror film nor the plot of a dystopian film. It is what happened to Heidelberg’s lawyer. The news was reported in the daily newspaper Rhein-Neicker-Zeitung (RNZ)* in the German region of Baden-Württemberg.

All this highlights a global framework of repression that is being exercised in the worst ways in various parts of the planet.

Italy is particularly affected by this violence, in recent years the position that Italy is suffering in the general framework of globalist agendas has become increasingly evident: a territory of economic-political-social experimentation increasingly at the mercy of political figures, accomplices of supranational powers, who experiment on the Italian population and then “export” the methods to other European countries and beyond. Remember the model of the closure of society during the quarantine that was taken as a model by countries like Spain for example.

It is abusing the fear and terror inculcated in the population to divert it on hysterical and paranoid behavior, it is also abused and committed the crime of “Procurato allarme” [“Alarm Procured”] to convince the Italian population to get vaccinated and then be even more subject to diseases of various kinds then all labeled as Covid19.

Each of us can no longer afford to take an indifferent attitude towards the compulsory health treatment imposed on Dario Musso and individuals who, like him, have the courage to legitimately state their opinion. These are extreme violence of a shocking gravity that should awaken awareness in each of us. We must demand clarity and that each of the principals of the treatment be investigated and prosecuted for responsibility for unleashing unlawful treatment on a person who was legitimately expressing own opinions, we must demand justice on this, or we risk being forcibly coerced into such unlawful treatment, for pretentious reasons, and for our legitimate disagreement with the ongoing tyranny.

We will risk being forced into such violence, each and every one of us on the planet may be forced to suffer violence for reasons that do not exist and artfully created in order to allow the powers that are criminally managing this fake pandemic to continue to exercise ever more stringent and obsessive control over our lives.

Now is the time for each individual on the planet to take their share of responsibility for defending our freedom and make a stand with other defenders of the truth to shatter the chains of tyranny.

Claire Edwards and Lorenzo Di Sandro




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